Does street art exist in spotless Tokyo? Yes! But strict vandalism laws and conservative Japanese culture have suppressed the graffiti scene in Tokyo. This stunning survey by photographer and graffiti artist Lord K2 takes you into the Tokyo neighborhoods exhibiting a colorful array of urban art created on the fly and as low-key as possible. Here is a look at vibrant stickers, tags, highly elaborate murals by both local and international artists, and a gallery of work by the artist network Pow! Wow! Worldwide. The images are accompanied by well-researched commentary and a history of Tokyo graffiti by Little Pink Pills (Mika Revell), positioning this book as a comprehensive introduction to the best kept secrets Tokyo's graffiti scene has to offer.

Size: 10″ x 7″ | 149 color images | 160 pp ISBN13: 9780764354731 | Binding: hard cover | Schiffer Publishing

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