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Lord K2 (David Sharabani) is a London born artist who is known for his photography as well as his stencil graffiti. He attended the London College Printing and then moved on to study business. Having spent a large portion of his working life trading stocks from his laptop and traveling extensively he has had the opportunity to witness how institutions and global economies truly function. This enabled him to make enough for himself to suspend work and move into art. He initially took to the streets to spray paint stencils, having learned his skills in Buenos Aires and after spending over 2 years in Latin America he continues to travel extensively to pursue his projects. He is working on a number of ongoing photography projects and is currently documenting both the Muay Thai and Sumo cultures, in Thailand and Japan respectively. In 2016 he was awarded second place in the 'Urban' Photography Portfolio and Stories category for his Muay Thai project, during that year he also became the official photographer of The World Muay Thai Council and IFMA. He is the author of ‘Street Art Santiago’ and 'Tokyo Graffiti' by Schiffer Publishing in which he documented the urban art scenes in Santiago, Chile and Tokyo, Japan. He is also the founder/curator of the online website the Museum of Urban Art.